Admitted Students

Newly admitted first year students who have summer admission to the University Park campus can either enroll in the LEAP program OR take a minimum of 6 credits from the courses offered in the summer. The summer session for incoming freshman runs from June 28- August 11.

If students opt to be part of LEAP, registration is done online by following the Registration Instructions.

To register for regular summer courses, registration is done at New Student Orientation (NSO) in May or June. To access the list of courses offered in the summer, go to the LionPATH Class Search.

Incoming students to the University Park campus who have fall admission can switch their admission to summer in order to take advantage of the LEAP program or to take regular courses offered in the summer. In order to make the switch, students need to contact the Admissions Office and have their admission changed prior to May 1, 2017:

Telephone: (814) 865-5471
Fax: (814) 863-7590