Housing Questions

Where will I stay?
Once you are admitted to the LEAP Program, Housing is notified of participants accepted into the program. Your room assignment will be located in one of several traditional residence halls that are reserved for LEAP students. While you may have indicated a preference for a renovated residence hall on your Housing Contract, the LEAP program is not scheduled for assignment in those buildings. Assignment to a LEAP program building will take precedence over your request for a renovated residence hall. LEAP students will primarily be housed in McElwain, Simmons, and Beaver.

Registration for LEAP will continue until the beginning of summer session. The problem with late registration is that the courses and the course times you prefer may be filled. Space in LEAP housing areas may be filled as well. Early enrollment proceeds at a rapid pace, especially for more popular prides; many combinations may be closed to individuals who wait too long to register for LEAP.

Can I room with a student who’s not in LEAP?
LEAP housing is designated for LEAP students. If you have mutual roommate request with a non-LEAP student, you will be assigned to a building adjacent to the LEAP buildings.

Can I room with another LEAP student I know?
You may indicate a roommate preference on your Housing Contract by adding the student’s Penn State Access ID (example, abc5011). Your roommate request must be mutual – the other student must also indicate you as a roommate preference in order for Housing to assign you together. Roommate preferences can be modified for summer and fall Housing Contracts until noon May 15 through the eLiving system.

Can I keep a bicycle in my room?
There are outside racks available for storage – you must provide your own lock and register your bike with the Parking Office. Bicycles may be stored in the residence hall with the permission of your roommate.

Can I live at home if I’m close to State College?
While students gain the most benefit from living on campus, students who live in Centre County are eligible to request an exemption from the first-year residency requirement to reside at their permanent home address during the summer session. If you accept the offer of admission online, you will be eligible to request an exemption from the Housing Contract during the acceptance process and will not be charged the housing deposit. This exemption would apply for both summer and fall semesters. So if you are planning on living on campus for fall semester, you will need to pay the nonrefundable housing deposit fee, accept both Housing Contracts, then you can contact the Assignment Office about an exemption for the summer contract.

If you submit your acceptance fees to Penn State by US mail, please contact the Assignment Office about requesting an exemption.

Students living at home should make arrangements for easy transportation to and from campus to allow for participation in group project work and LEAP Pride social activities.

Can I live in my brother or sister’s apartment for the summer and attend LEAP?
University policy states that all first-year students are required to live on campus unless a student is living with a parent or legal guardian in their primary residence, is over 21 years of age, is married, or is a veteran. Please contact the Assignment Office with questions about an exemption request.

What if I have any other questions about Housing, Food Services, or Residence Life?
Please contact the appropriate office: