About STEP

STEP is a summer program designed for students making the junior-year transition to University Park from another Penn State campus. As part of STEP, you take two courses at University Park during the second Summer Session and participate in a series of STEP Connect workshops. These workshops help you become familiar with the resources and opportunities available to them at University Park and within your college of enrollment. During the STEP program, students will:

  • Take two courses (six or seven credits) that help you make progress toward your degree at University Park during summer session 2.
  • Participate in the STEP Connect Workshop Series – a unique opportunity to connect with the people, resources, and opportunities available to you at University Park.
  • Receive the Provost’s new $1,500 STEP award.
  • Have a STEP Mentor to answer your questions, help to ease your transition to University Park, and provide you with opportunities to meet other students who are making the same transition.
  • Connect with faculty, staff, and other students.
  • Have the possibility of on-campus employment.

All students who have been approved for entrance to their major at University Park are eligible to participate in STEP.