Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Visiting Student?

A Visiting Student is someone who is not currently matriculated in a Penn State degree program and is coming to take graduate or undergraduate summer courses at Penn State. Visiting students include the following: students from other schools and colleges; professionals coming back to refresh a skill area; members of the community looking to take a course for enrichment; graduate students needing to take pre-requisite courses for their future studies; Penn State employees.

What is the difference between a visiting student and an international student?

Visiting students who are not international students do not have to do any special paperwork. Because international students are not U.S. citizens, they need to go through the immigration process in order to attend Penn State during the summer.

What are the requirements to take Penn State courses in the summer?

Penn State has an open enrollment policy. You, therefore, do not have to apply for admission to Penn State University in order to take summer classes. Simply register for the courses that interest you by filling out these two forms: Drop Add form and Undergraduate Nondegree Enrollment Form. Remember that some courses may have prerequisites. It is your responsibility to make sure you have fulfilled the necessary pre-requisites before starting a summer course.

How many sessions are offered at Penn State during the summer?

There are three summer sessions and they include courses that range from four to eight weeks in length. Summer session dates are: May 8–June 7, 2017 (Maymester), May 15- June 26, 2017 (Summer Session I), June 28-August 11, 2017 (Summer Session II).

How many courses can I take during summer session?

Students may take any combination of credits during the three summer sessions.  Credits from the combined sessions equal a total of 18 credits, the equivalent of one semester.  6 credits during Maymester, 6 credits during Summer Session I and 6 credits during Summer Session II would equal a total of 18 credits. There is still a 19.0 credit cap on registration.  To schedule beyond the 19.0 credits for the semester, the student needs to wait until the first day of classes for summer session. This has to be done at the Registrar’s Office.

Do you offer online courses?

Yes, you can take Penn State World Campus courses wherever you are this summer.

Is financial aid available to visiting students?

While financial aid is not available from Penn State University to visiting students, you should contact the financial aid office at your home institution for information about available aid.

What does it cost to take Penn State University summer session courses?

Click on Tuition and Fees to find out the per credit cost of summer session courses.

How do I pay tuition and fees?

For payment options, visit:

Can I transfer credits earned at Penn State University to my college or university?

Most colleges and universities accept Penn State University transfer credits. You should, however, consult your home institution to confirm that this is the case.  You need to send an official Penn University transcript to your home institution once you have completed the summer session. For more information on transcripts go to:

Is room and board available?

Summer housing is available for visiting students who are registered to take summer session classes and have a Penn State account through the Office of the Bursar that can be billed. Request Summer Housing.

Include the dates your classes begin and end.

Who can I contact at Penn State University if I have more questions?

The Office for Summer Session at 814-863-4174 or