Selecting a LEAP Pride

What should I consider when selecting a LEAP Pride?

All of the courses in the LEAP program will help you make progress toward your General Education and/or Entrance to Major requirements. All students, regardless of their intended major, must fulfill General Education requirements in the seven areas of General Education. You do not have to enroll in a LEAP Pride that contains a course for your intended major; you may select from any of the LEAP Pride offerings.

If you have an intended major, visit the University Bulletin, locate the major at University Park, and review the Suggested Academic Plan to help you select a pride. These guides recommend General Education courses for specific majors and suggest the semester it is best to take them to keep you on track for graduation.

If you are unsure of the pride you would like to enroll in or would like to speak with someone about your specific interests, contact the LEAP staff at or 814-863-4174.