First Aid and CPR

An introductory first aid course designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills to assist someone who is injured or ill. The course covers safety precautions of the responders including legal and ethical issues, teaches one-person CPR and airway obstruction, common injures resulting in bleeding and how to control bleeding, common medical emergencies i.e. bleeding, water, ice, shock, thermal injuries. Heart attack, stroke and head injuries are a focus and the proper way to transfer individuals with injuries. Environmental emergencies includes disaster preparation, terrorism and triage.

Effective Speech (CAS 100A) explores how people use techniques of oral communication to address practical, professional and civic problems. It is designed to introduce students to principles of effective public speaking, implemented through the design and presentation of individual speeches. CAS 100A fulfills 3 credits of the writing and speaking requirement for general education.

Course 1: First Aid and CPR

NURS 203
GenEd Domain: 
Health and Wellness (GHW)
Class Days: 
Class Times: 
9:00 - 1:00

Course 2: Effective Speech

CAS 100A
GenEd Domain: 
Writing and Speaking (GWS)
Class Days: 
Class Times: 
2:20 - 3:35